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Instrument wordsearch

Here is an Instrument and Rhythm Wordsearch for you to try. The words can be written up, down, sideways or diagonally. Print the page and cross off the words from the list as you find them. When you have crossed off all the words, you will find there are some letters left over. Write them out and you will find a message from me! If you want to - you can email me the message to see if you are right!

Country,   Bassoon

Rock,   Saxaphone

March,   Harp

Waltz,   Guitar

Disco,   Vibraphone

Tango,   Piano

Ska,   Organ

Pop,   Xylophone

Enka,   Violin

Adria,   Clarinet

Mask,   Oboe

Hop,   Trumpet

Rag,   Drums

Salsa,   Accordion

Bop,   Jive


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