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Musical wordsearch

Here is a Wordsearch for you to try. The words can be written up, down, sideways or diagonally. Print the page and cross off the words from the list as you find them. They are all musical words. When you have crossed off all the words, you will find there are some letters left over. Write them out and you will find a message from me! If you want to - you can email me the message to see if you are right!

crotchet,   song,   quiet

semibreve,   clef,   chord

rest,   sharp,   solo

barline,   flat,   duet

note,   string,   trio

guitar,   keyboard,   key

forte,   piano,   tempo

minim,   tune,   pop

quaver,   rhythm,   rock

music,   repeat,   tone

accompany,   legato,   fret

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