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The team


Over the years, I have come to depend very heavily on a team of people to help things run smoothly on the day.  To be honest, I really don't know how I'd manage without them now!


Huge thanks go to Steve, the sound engineer;  without a good sound system, the concert really wouldn't work at all.  Steve gives up all afternoon every year to help me achieve that. (Steve is pictured below having just supervised the recording of the theme from The Dam Busters!)


Laura, who helps on the door, with tickets and with Stage Management;  help is needed on the door as about 70 - 80 people try to get in, buy raffle tickets and get seated.  There is also often furniture removal needed on stage as chairs, music and microphone stands etc need moving around.


Emma, who helps on the door, with tickets and with looking after the pupils at the concert; on the day the pupils are understandably nervous and need extra looking after.  There is also a system to keep the concert running smoothly which she implements.


David, the videographer; each year he comes and videos the whole concert so that, when needed, I can run off copies for the families of the performers.  Another thankless task!


Also, a big thanks to the mums that help in the interval each year with refreshments, (thanks Mum!)

Steve Domb

Steve - sound engineer

Laura Barr

Laura - stage management and door

Emma Flax

Emma - pupil management and door

David Mordish

David - videographer

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