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What to take to an exam


There a few items that you need to take with you to the exam. Mostly this is obvious - but less so for keyboard exams. This is also based on Trinity exams - not any other board.


For Keyboard


  • the keyboard itself

  • the music rest

  • the power adaptor

  • your music

  • your exam entry sheet to be given to the examiner

  • yourself!


Usually, I am present at the majority of exams in order to support the students and also to provide a smoother transition between candidates by setting up each keyboard. If this is the case, you will not need to take a keyboard stand as I will have taken mine. If, however, I cannot be at the exam then you will need your own keyboard stand.


For Guitar


  • your guitar

  • your footstool (usually provided but best to have your own)

  • your music

  • your exam entry sheet

  • yourself!


Please look very carefully at the time on your entry sheet where you will also find the address of the venue. You will need to be there 15 minutes before the stated time.

Good Luck!

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